Oliveira’s Delivers Amazing Plates Of DeliciousTreats

A vegan plate and a beef plate at Oliveira’s. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Again and again I am knocked out by what a great treat eating at Oliveira’s can be.

Whether it is beef, chicken, sausage or lamb from the grille or simply a plate of vegetarian treats, Oliveira’s satisfies every time.

I don’t eat much beef anymore. That’s more than you all need to know. However, I stopped eating beef about four years ago. I am better for it – and you would be too.

But then comes those days when I am feeling that I need some beef and mashed potatoes, salad and Brazilian rolls and mashed potatoes.

That’s when I find myself in Everett Square at Oliveira’s.

If you haven’t tried it out, you should.

The place is immaculate. The help is attentive and polite, and obviously there is something completely Brazilian about the place – from flat screen TV’s broadcasting soccer to young Brazilian beauties rushing about waiting on tables or weighing up your plate.

Oliveira’s does everything the right way – and the result – a taste treat every time.

Last week I ate with my son, Joe. He’s vegan. He’s not just vegan. He’s a strict vegan.

He created a vegetarian plate for himself at Oliveira’s that speaks quite nicely for itself in the above photograph.

I’m at the other spectrum, drinking an ice cold Coca Cola and eating red meat and mashed potatoes in a splurge of delightful textures and tastes.

I have recommended Oliveira’s before. I am excited to do so again.

The place is a gem for Everett Square.

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