Question 2

Do you want dental insurance providers to rake in big fees from you and give you back in services much less than what you pay?

Do you want to be forever needing money to pay for dental needs which your insurer will not allow or approve because of their desire to keep their margins of profit obscenely high?

If your answer is “no”, then vote that way on Election Day for this ballot item.

If you want to even the playing field, to gain back some of the advantages that have been lost with dental providers who keep most of your payments and are stingy in giving you back what you need, then vote “yes.”

Who among us hasn’t suffered the indignity and the inequity of not having enough on hand cash to take care of expensive dental needs despite paying high premiums for dental care?

How this has come to pass is one of those mysteries about government allowing dental insurance providers to constantly raise their premiums and to artificially set boundaries on what they must provide in return.

The writer of this editorial has recently been jousting with Tufts Health Plan about a Dominion dental provider account we keep.

We pay the premium every month and the provider refuses to answer the simplest questions.

In one such incident, the provider refused to pay a co-pay for a denture that cost $1400 for 13 months.

The provider only paid after a long yelling match took place between Tufts and Dominion and the dentist – none of whom seem to care an ounce about communicating with one another.

All of this was at the premium payer’s expense, and he had never missed a payment.

Question 2 is absolutely the most righteous ballot question up for the voters to judge on Election Day.

For far too long thousands have been paying millions upon millions in premiums and receive back a fraction of fairly priced services necessary to keep out teeth in good health and our mouths functioning.

It is about time the dental insurers are made to pay for the services they so forcefully refuse to give us.

Vote “yes” on Question 2. It is the just and right way to go. You hurt no one by voting for this.
If approved, it means the dental insurance companies won’t

have as much profit and will provide more for the care and well being of your teeth and gums.

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