Righting a Terrible Wrong

A life long Everett woman Wendy Poste has been fighting for justice since she alleged, and maintains the allegation, that she was drugged and raped by an Everett firefighter – a friend of the family.

Turns out the former Everett firefighter was on the sexual offenders list for years after pleading guilty to sexual assault in Salisbury while serving on the Everett Fire Department. This was known by the fire department’s leadership and by the leadership in the police department.

This same former Everett firefighter was recently charged with sexual assault again in Salisbury, as reported in the Newburyport Times earlier in October. The judge in the case chose not to move forward with a prosecution. She issued an order requiring the former firefighter to stay away from his victim.

Poste has reached out to the administration and to the fire department and to the state’s leading fire official for justice.

The state stripped the former firefighter of an award he received from the EFD.

However, the EFD has done nothing to aid Poste in her effort to gain justice.

We urge the fire department to take note of this and to do the right thing.

Wendy Poste is a mother and a respectable Everett woman who claims her life was ruined by this former Everett fire fighter.

Why won’t the EPD take action to give an Everett woman justice against one of their own who is a repeated sexual offender?

We urge the fire chief to get involved.

Not getting involved is a black mark on him and on the entire department.

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