Vote for Mike Marchese

We urge Everett voters to vote for Mike Marchese next week in the Rep race against the incumbent, Joe McGonagle.

McGonagle is a nice enough man but he has shown a decisive inability to get involved as he should with issues affecting Everett and reaching to the State House on Beacon Hill.

Mike Marchese is a better guy than Joe McGonagle.

He does more for people than McGonagle.

Marchese is generous. He is stand up. He is not afraid to inject himself in public dialogue and to lead it.

He does not hide when his presence is demanded.

Marchese says he won’t sell out to special interests and that he can’t be bought by special interests.

We believe him. He has plenty of his own money. He doesn’t need to invite donations. He is paying for his own campaign expenses as a matter of doing what is right.

Marchese has been at the forefront of leading the battle among his colleagues to use the former Pope John School as a public school to reduce serious overcrowding.

McGonagle has remained largely and mostly quiet about the issue for fear of causing the mayor to be upset.

Marchese has been vocal about racism and how Everett must not accept the status quo it has lived with for the past 15 years when the city itself is now a majority minority city.

McGonagle has remained largely and mostly quiet about racism so as not to bring attention to his former campaign manager, the disgraced former Councilor Anthony DiPierro. DiPierro re-signed when his public racist acts brought him down.

Marchese is a supporter of affordable housing.

McGonagle has remained largely quiet about affordable housing because it is the mayor’s specialty and McGonagle, again, does not wish to step on the mayor’s toes.

McGonagle is not being heard from on the above issues confronting the city, even though it is the state house where much of the funding comes for public school funding, affordable housing and for efforts to reduce racism in city’s like Everett.

McGonagle’s time has come to step aside and to give someone else a chance to see what they can do.

Mike Marchese deserves that chance.

He has been outspoken to his own detriment as his enemies are conspiring against him to ruin his reputation.

He has remained undaunted.

Mike Marchese deserves your vote on Election Day.

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