Be aware, Wasteful Spending Alert

“We can and we will fight city hall!”

By Stephen Pinto

Why is GTA at the Parlin Library almost everyday working on that small piece of land?

That must be some sweet deal they have with the city.

Wonder what the city has paid them in the last few years?

The city council really needs to tighten up their control over spending.

I blame the council for waste as they are the body that approves the budget.

Another question I have.

Rep. Joe McGonagle should be embarrassed and ashamed by having Anthony Dipierro a well – known and admitted racist campaigning for him.

Why is he not embarrassed or ashamed to have such a hater and social failure as a close campaign adviser and whatever else?

How can DiPierro show his face? Just proves he still believes he did nothing wrong.

I guess Joe feels he did nothing wrong either.

When some people are try- ing to get votes they’ll stop at nothing. That was obvious with Joe’s campaign. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. I should think he would rather have lost the race than to have received the votes of DiPierro and his followers.

It’s clear Everett’s mayor still owns Joe. Even though Joe has been out of local government politics for a while, these two remain two peas in a pod.

The mayor has spent millions on Everett’s parks. These parks also come with a hefty maintenance price. He’s spent millions on decorative lighting. Refurbished the outside of city hall. He purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Christmas trees and new decorations each year. He purchased all new street signs This is just the tip of his wasteful spending.

The spending is so out of control that the casino money just gets absorbed into the budget as if it never existed.

Already one of the highest paid mayors in the commonwealth, the mayor also took $180,000 from our treasury pretty much as a gift to himself. He’s done this and much more, all at the expense of a badly needed new and improved school facility and despite the need for a new police station. He paid $10 million in tax money to purchase the former Pope John High School. We still can’t be sure the mayor will rebuild the school to relieve student overcrowding issues. The mayor was going to gift Pope John to a developer so it is difficult to know what he will do.

He’s so free when it comes to spending taxpayer money.

But the outcry from residents was astounding.

It remains astounding.

This rising up of concerned Everett residents unafraid of speaking out has altered the politics here. This didn’t happen overnight – and it is not going to go away, and it is not, as the mayor insists, just a few angry people who don’t like him.

The furor about Pope John was loud enough for all of us to get the message. Now hopefully Pope John will remain a school.

The Pope John controversy proves you can fight city hall.

We can’t allow politicians to divide us.

If they do then they always will win.

We must remain as a cohesive group in order to succeed.

Congratulations to all residents that stood their ground and fought back. And thanks to the majority of the school committee as they refused to be bullied.


Stephen Pinto comments on politics and Everett issues. He is a longtime resident of Everett.

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