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I Was Jonesing For A Delicious Treat Not Too Heavy But Just Right

By Josh Resnek

As many of our readers have come to understand, my eating habits can be considered peculiar. But they are not.

What I am devoted to in my eating existence these days is to eat only what I want, when I want it, in smaller servings made fresh every time.

There is one other caveat to my eating habits.

I only want to eat dishes that taste delicious.

I don’t need a large serving of anything.

I prefer smaller servings of something delicious.

OK, now that that is out of the way, let me describe what I ate for lunch Tuesday afternoon.

I went to Whole Foods and got 6 slices of Parma prosciutto sliced thinly.

I suppose there is better – and most likely to be bought either in Italy or a fine butchery in France.

Then I bought a container of fresh mozzarella and a small container with perfectly tasting ripe cherry tomatoes.

In the bread aisle I searched for just the right bread as I was jonesing for a small sandwich.

I hate heavy bread. Whole Food bread is heavy – too heavy. Recently, Whole Food has begun selling bread made in artisan bakeries in the Greater Boston area.

The selection has improved greatly.

In my opinion all bread should be just like the French or Italians bake – light – so light you can throw their baguettes like spears into the air and they float.

I bought a sesame topped spear of French style bread – very thin but hearty – probably too hearty and a bit hard to bite very thin but hearty – probably too hearty and a bit hard to bite into but hey, everything can’t be perfect can it?

I cut about a five inch piece of it and cut it again at the center like a sub roll.

I laid three thin slices of Parma prosciutto onto the roll. I sliced up a half dozen sweet and succulent cherry tomatoes and placed them on top of the prosciutto with great care.

Then I sliced about a half dozen small mozzarella balls into quarters and topped the tomatoes with that.

Then I cut shorter slices of red onion (absolutely love red onion) and sprinkled them about the top gently and just so.

Chopped pepper and salt and then just a dash of Italian oil.

Well, let me tell you…each bite was a triumph and an event.

With the remaining prosciutto and mozzarella and tomato I made a small plate for my wife.

Bottom line a simple but great tasting treat on a Tuesday afternoon and we ate like a king and queen!

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