Everett’s Snake Pit

By Stephen Pinto

Call it what you will. Snake pit or rat hole. Everett politics and its politicians are comfortable right at home in their nest.

Everett politics are dirtier than a reused hypodermic needle.

The bold faced corruption and how they protect each other is disgusting.

If you’re a politician in Everett then you automatically can’t be trusted to do the peoples’ business.

Everett politicians do their own business or do as the mayor tells them to do.

Everett politics tarnishes everything it comes in contact with. It corrupts and rots the soul.

Someone needs to completely dismantle city hall and it’s cast of backward, scared, incompetent and downright stupid politicians.

They should all resign. Hopefully they are better at shuffle board or basket weaving.

They haven’t a clue which end is up. They couldn’t tell East from West even if they were holding a compass.

Residents should be tired by now of the one man show. But obviously this one man seems to still hold all the cards. Including the school committee as well.

The cowards who voted against Superintendent Priya Tahiliani know zero about educating Everett’s school kids.

They have their tails between their legs because of the mayor.

Whether or not they like Tahiliani it doesn’t matter.

Whether they think she has done and can do the job, it doesn’t matter. They voted against her out of hate, racism and fear.

And they did this in front of everyone, including the US Attorney, who is now conducting a full-fledged investigation into racism and discrimination in Everett.

That tells you what idiots and haters they are.

For three decades Fred Foresteire was at the helm. City Hall and the school committee sat quietly by.

Did they condone Fred’s behavior? Were they afraid? Everyone knew what was happening. They are just as guilty.

And yet they want Tahiliani gone.

What does that tell you about our politicians?

Everett still having its name dragged through the mud.

Thanks to the snakes and rats that run this city.


Stephen Pinto writes about city issues. He is a long time resident of Everett.

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