Richard Sasso Was A Good Guy

(Photo by Joe Resnek)

Richard Sasso took a great deal of pride in his restaurant on Norwood Street, the 8/10 Bar & Grill.

Those of us who enjoyed Richie’s company, and his food, found the 8/10 a very comfortable place.

Richie took a great deal of interest in what he served and he insisted it should be fresh, always, tasty, and if it was steak that you preferred, the 8/10 excelled at that kind of dish.

He most always sat at the far end of the long bar watching everyone meander in.

He was talkative, friendly, and humorous, always.

The restaurant where he spent his work life was a monument to his understanding about what to do with a small city legendary eating place.

The COVID epidemic nearly killed his business but he chose not to let it go.

In this respect, he showed he was a fighter.

Mr. Sasso grew up in nice circumstances in Everett.

He was a graduate of Boston College.

He was proud of Everett.

For Richie Sasso, Everett was a great place.

All of us who knew him will miss his presence at the 8/10 on Norwood Street.

May he rest in peace.

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