We Put No Faith In The MCAD

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination has received another complaint from one of the administrative heads of the Everett School Department.

About seven months ago, the MCAD received a detailed complaint from School Superintendent Priya Tahiliani.

She made detailed claims of racism and sexism against the mayor and the school committee.

The complaint sat for months at the MCAD.

For whatever reason, the MCAD chose not to pursue the claims.

This, despite the fact Tahiliani is a woman of color and she made claims of racism and sexism which included the mayor.

Mind you, maybe the MCAD was too busy, or Tahiliani’s claims were too evil for a bunch of bureaucratic lawyers to touch.

Then again, the MCAD could have simply sent the complaint on to the Attorney General’s office where nothing would have been done unless of course a crime had been committed.

This type of action by the MCAD would be perfect for bureaucrats there. Rather than get involved, sending Tahiliani’s com- plaint on to another agency get’s them off the hook.

Tahiliani withdrew her complaint with the MCAD.

We cannot comprehend the MCAD paying no attention whatsoever to Tahiliani’s complaint as she is a woman, of color, in a school system dominated by hand picked white people for 30 years.

She is now preparing to sue the city in Superior Court.

Now comes Tahiliani’s second in command at the Everett Public Schools.

Kim Tsai filed a complaint on November 18 with the MCAD alleging discrimination based on gender, color, national origin and retaliation.

Very likely, nothing will come of this MCAD action. Why?

In order for a civil suit claiming discrimination to be launched in Superior Court an MCAD action must have been on file for 90 days.

We expect the MCAD to do nothing, again, with Tsai’s complaint.

This despite an ongoing Federal Investigation into racism and discrimination in the city of Everett by the US Attorney’s office and the Justice Department’s Title 7 legal team.

The late great Irish poet and play write Oscar Wilde did not trust the courts.

“The last place you get any justice is in a court of law,” he wrote.

We believe it is a glaring error for the MCAD to take no notice of Tahiliani’s complaint, and now her assistant superintendetnt’s complaint.

The MCAD’s independence is clearly in question taking no action whatsoever with these two complaints.

There is the belief that certain elected public officials in this city are protected by law enforcement, powerful attorneys and even by the FBI and that that protection extends to agencies like the MCAD.

Superior Court will offer no such protection.

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