The Creation Of A Submarine Sandwich That Reaches Perfection

Will it be a Dean Martin or a Frank Sinatra? (Photo by Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

When I do local subs – that is – Everett subs I order from DiBlasi’s or from the Everett Square Deli.

Both give great service and design subs that I like.

You see, I never just order a sub.

I need to have my subs specially made. Why?

Because I don’t care for a five pound sub sandwich.

I prefer a lighter, more designed sub sandwich with less meat, less veggies, less cheese and less everything.

Of course, the notion of a diet sub or a calorie conscious sub is as ridiculous as ordering a smaller ice cream Sunday to save on calorie and weight gain.

Dying for a sub, I drove over to Revere, to the end of Broadway, to one of my favorites…New Deal Fruit, owned by the Petruzelli Family.

There isn’t anyone in Everett who loves sub sandwiches who hasn’t eaten New Deal Fruit’s masterpieces.

At New Deal Monday morning, I ordered up a special sub from one of the Petruzelli’s.

He fashioned for me exactly what I wanted.

Here’s how the interaction went:

“I want three slices of Parma, with three slices of mild provolone, with a few pickles, tomatoes and red onions and a sprinkle of hot peppers, salt and pepper and a nice squirt of oil.”

In about five minutes, Petruzelli produced the masterpiece.

“Here it is. How does that look?” he asked me, holding in his hands the sub like an expensive piece of China.

I took one look at it and smiled.

“I cannot wait to get home and bite into that bad boy!” I said with delight.

The drive home was interminable.

When I arrived, I went inside my home. I walked into my kitchen. I unwrapped the sub. I placed it on a plate, went into my study and devoured it while writing. I washed it down with the obligatory bottle of Mexican Coca Cola.

Treats like this make life worth living.

If you haven’t already checked out New Deal Fruit, I suggest you get over there and build a sub.

You won’t be sorry.

The Petruzellis know what they are doing.

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