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Congratulations are in order

Everett Police Lt. Larry Jedrey set out to raise $5,000 with a Polar Plunge last weekend.

When all was said and done, Jedrey and his crew of devoted Everett police department colleagues in law enforcement raised $16,000 for the Special Olympics.

This kind of fund raising by local law enforcement officers says a lot about their determination, in this instance, to do good for those who are in need.

That these police officers were willing to take a dip in some very cold water speaks volumes about their intensity!

Lt. Jedrey should be congratulated for keeping on point in creating the Polar Plunge and in promising to make this a year to year fund raising event for Special Olympians.

We applaud Lt. Jedrey.

We thank him for doing for others.

The effort speaks well of him and his colleagues.

All of them should be proud of what they accomplished last Sunday.

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