Dog bar coming to Everett

Park-9 Dog Bar will open in Everett early next year. (Photo courtesy of Park-9 Dog Bar)

By Josh Resnek

A combination pub-indoor/outdoor dog park is coming to Everett.

It will be the first of its kind in New England.

A Wakefield couple, Emily Gusse and Tess Kohanski have set out to create a unique space where dogs and people can socialize. Their intention is to create a safe, friendly and inclusive environment in Everett’s beer district – called by outsiders, the Fermentation District.

They’ve rented a space on Elm Way and are planning to build a 5,000 square foot indoor dog park.

On the other side of the venue – which is separated by a wall with large windows – there will be what they describe as “optimal dog park viewing.

They are planning a space where the dogs can relax and where their owners can do the same.

This so-called dog park, which provides open space for dogs and some climbing possibilities and rubber matts for them, will also provide libations and open space for their owners.

The following appeared on the news gathering siter,

In Everett, Park 9′s owners say there will be several safety measures in place that can’t be found at typical neighborhood green spaces. In order to access the park, dogs will need to be registered, and their owners will have to show proof that their pets are up to date on vaccinations, and either spayed or neutered.

A team of trained “park rangers” will also monitor the play area and be ready to intervene if they spot any potentially problematic behavior. Pet food and toys, which can fuel disputes among dogs, will be off-limits.

They also plan to offer dog daycare on week- days, and are in the process of obtaining a dog kennel license. Everett officials said the city is reviewing Park 9′s plans, but despite the unusual business model they don’t anticipate any regulatory issues.

Human customers, meanwhile, will be able to dine at the facility, but rather than prepare meals on site, the company plans to have food trucks and collaborate with a local restaurant that can deliver food on demand.

Don’t have a dog of your own? Don’t worry, you can still stop by.

“Anyone who loves dogs is welcome,” said Gusse. “The dog community is a really strong one, and a lot of people find relationships by meeting other dog owners. So I think it’ll be great for dog owners or dog lovers alike.”

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