I took my laundry to the Scrubbing Board; I made the right decision

All’s well with high standards at the Scrubbing Board.

By Josh Resnek

My wife handed me a pile of laundry – covers, blankets, douves, and about 20 pounds of clothing.

“I’m just too busy and too tired to bother with this,” she said to me.

“I know just what to do,” I told her.

I drove to Glendale Avenue, to the brand new, totally redone and state of the art Scrubbing Board laundromat.

My wife is very uptight about public laundries, and with good reason.

Cleanliness is always an issue, especially where the public takes its laundry.

But the Scrubbing Board has erased that caveat.

All of its equipment, the washers and the driers, are equipped with electronic systems that destroy bacteria and cleanse the interior of the machines of the load of laundry is loaded into the machine for the cleaning cycle.

What does this mean?

It means that my laundry does not have someone else’s germs and residue floating around in the machines when they are being used for my blankets, covers and clothing.

The result is about the cleanest, purest, most modern cleaning process right now existent in the city of Everett.

Also, when I came back to the Scrubbing Board to pick-up my laundry, everything had been folded perfectly and stacked just right and placed in thick plastic baggies.

If you need to have your cleaning done, and done perfectly with the highest possible cleanliness standard, the Scrubbing Board is your place.

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