Salami and eggs with an everything bagel and sour tomatoes


(Photo by Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Am I in Russia or Poland or am I in my kitchen here in Massachusetts eating sliced sour tomatoes with scrambled eggs and Kosher salami with a dug out everything bagel with Irish butter?

This is a very good question.

In my constant search for satiation with dishes I love, which is an impossible search at times – this new combination is just what the heart doctor did not order.

Salami and eggs is an old Russian/Polish treat.

The sour tomatoes as the garnish – and they are more and better than garnish – adds just the right zest and tang to the mouthful of salami and eggs and a bite of the toasted everything bagel that has been dug out.

Why dig out the bagel?

This comes from my sister.

She claims all the extra dough is a killer if you eat enough bagels.

So she craters her bagels.

I’ve begun cratering my own.

Then I toast the bagel crust. Then I dab Irish butter onto that.


I take the Kosher salami – not too much of it – and I cut it into small pieces and then scramble it with two eggs in a frying pan.

This is an incredible combination of textures and tastes – and then with the sour tomato exciting all the taste buds inside your mouth, again, voila!

However great all this tastes – and it tastes in- credible – the tomatoes are extremely salty. The Kosher salami is extremely salty and entirely processed. The everything bagel is salty. The butter spread onto it drips with cholesterol.

In the last analysis, this plate is ultimately a closer for your heart arteries.

The key – don’t eat this plate too often. It could affect your well being.

That being said, this is a very special European style plate of simple foods put together in five or ten minutes, and consumed with joy over every bite.

Try it out.

When finished, take your blood pressure!

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