Merry Christmas to all our friends and readers in Everett

Shown above, is the state tree inside the State House on Beacon Hill as sent to us by our Rep. Joe McGonagle.

It is a great looking tree with all the proper, colorful and lit up bits and pieces that make Christmas trees so much a part of the holiday spirit.

With this in mind, we extend our best wishes to our readers, our friends, and to our advertisers for a great Christmas, for a special Christmas, for a holiday season that inspires and triumphs over the daily drudgery of our lives.

When we all sit down to Christmas dinner with our families and friends around the table, it will be a good time to take stock of what all of us have at this time in our lives.

To be healthy, alive, and well at Christmas is the blessing.

Enjoy that blessing.
Our best wishes to all of you.

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