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Residency certification efforts discussed by SC

By Josh Resnek

Attendance officers, and not the police department, will be in charge of conducting investigations into student residency when it is necessary.

The school committee in discussing how residency is established, decided unanimously to leave the local police department out of the document governing certification.

Attendance officers will make the final determinations determining residency.

If newly arrived families don’t have documents to prove residency, a special office (PIC) will deal those situations.

No added personnel will presently be needed for the program.

All students when they approach the 3rd 6th and 9th grade residency is re-established.

This re-establishment process, according to Supt. Priya Tahiliani, will begin with 9th grade students next year.

In the end, the school committee approved unanimously the policy of determining who is allowed by residency to be a student in the public schools and who is not.

This discussion and motion was prompted by the belief held among some members of the school committee that non-resident students are overpopulating the student body, and in part, causing the overcrowding of the public schools.

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