The mayor fights dirty

By Stephen Pinto

The mayor who is supposed to lead and set an example of good and honest government has lied to everyone with regards to Pope John.

He lied to the school committee, city council and Everett residents. He is not a person anyone should be looking up too.

Mayor DeMaria

If you’re interested in politics and basic human dignity don’t follow his lead.

He has taken taxpayer money for his own personal use. Four years of longevity payments amounted to $180,000 that he should not have received.

Fred Capone has repeatedly called receiving this money fraud and theft.

I agree with Capone.

Everett’s name is in the toilet with well-founded charges of racism and discrimination.

The mayor had to secretly hire a very expensive Boston law firm to defend himself and the city.

He’s been accused of sexual harassment. He’s involved in a lawsuit with the city clerk. He’s been involved in shady land deals. Why can’t he be truthful and transparent? Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change for an Everett politician?

I laugh every time I hear him say he cares about Everett families not being able to afford the high rent.

Yet he continues to welcome developers to build large luxury apartments. The mayor is full of it when he says he cares.

The only things he cares about is his $800k home, his bank account, $1000 contributions to his campaign account from out of town contributors and bog new developments requiring city permitting.

How can he ever be trusted to be upfront and honest? His hands are not clean. Why is he afraid to tell the truth? I was taught it’s always best to tell the truth.

He appears to be hated by a lot of residents today. Ask yourself why. Has his ego got the best of him?

If he had his way he would do to the school committee and the council what he did to the library board of trustees. Fire them. That would then make him a dictator. Which probably wouldn’t bother him in the least.

No one is going to tell him what to do and when to do it. But it looks like the DOJ has done just that at least for now.

The mayor fights dirty.

Not something to be proud of. Someday he and his jokers will have to answer for what they have done to this city and its residents. Tossing people aside for the almighty dollar. He may have won the battle but the war is far from over.

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