Patriots’ loss a game for the ages

By Josh Resnek

Last Sunday, we were treated to the Argentina-France finale at the World Cup in Qatar.

Those of us who paid attention, witnessed an incredible exhibition of soccer by great stars quite like no other in modern history.

Argentina’s victory, with Lionel Messi leading the charge, will long be remembered.

Then came later in the afternoon, a game I had almost completely forgotten about, the Pats v Las Vegas Raiders.

I put the game on at the beginning of the 4th quarter of play.

This was a good start.

Like everyone else watching the Pats Sunday, I watched them even up the score, and even take the lead.

The score came to a tie in the game’s last minute of the fourth quarter when the Raiders scored a touchdown that went under scoring review to determine whether the touchdown was out-of-bounds or not, only for it to be deemed legal.

Tie score.

All the Pats had to do was get by the next 32 seconds and the game would go into overtime.

With 15 seconds remaining, the Pats completely lost their footing, and after a lunatic lateral and pass, Las Vegas intercepted the ball and ran it into the endzone for the victory.

The loss was disheartening.

It is the type of game ending that will linger like the memory of a vivid nightmare for the remainder of the season.

This ending was so bad, it might be recalled for several years to come.

Oh well, at least Tom Brady lost again with the Buccaneers.

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