The Patriots in 2023

The last two weeks of 2022 have been horrific for the Patriots and for Mac Jones and for all of us who can still recall the glory days when Tom Brady led the Pats and the world seemed a far better place than it is today for New England football fans.

We have fallen down from the mountaintop in this dreary post Brady Pat’s world.

It was much better being on top than being 7-8 with a bit of the season still in front of us.

Boston sports writers are still harping on the possibility that the Pat’s could be play-off bound!

This goes to show you how foolish some sports writers can be. The Pat’s are done, even if they get to the playoffs.
Where could they possibly go in the playoffs?


It is as sad as seeing two missed points after the touchdown in a game that might have been won but was miserably lost last week to Joe Burrows and his crowd.

We had two decades of championships and Super Bowl appearances and rings enough to weight down a hand.

And now, what has it come to – nothingness.

Sunday’s have never been more without drama and meaning since Brady left.

And even he will be lucky to make it into 2023. Oh well, ring out the old. Ring in the new.

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