The Federal Investigation

Leader Staff

Of all the events to capture our imaginations, the announcement by the US Attorney some months back in 2022 of a Federal Investigation into racism, discrimination and retaliation in Everett city government was a big moment.

Boston Federal Courthouse

Such investigations aren’t announced without good cause to believe an investigation is, in fact, warranted.

However, many questions arise time and again among those Everett people piqued by the idea that the federal government is pouring over records from Everett City Hall for the past five years.

What will happen if illegality is found?

Can public officials be indicted?

Can the city be fined or put into receivership?

Are there limits to what can happen as a result of this investigation?

Of course there are.

2023 is going to be the year of the federal investigation

So far, that investigation has cost taxpayers $500,000 and according to the city’s attorney from a bigtime law firm in Boston (the same firm the mayor uses for his legal needs) another $500,000 will be needed and likely in a short time as the investigation ramps up on the government end.

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