Massachusetts unveiling $50 Scratch Ticket for sale on February 7

By Josh Resnek

A historic moment in the Massachusetts mania for Scratch Tickets arrives on February 7 when a new $50 ticket goes on sale throughout the state.

We knows this. If the $50 ticket is here, a $100 ticket can’t be too far off!

With this ticket, purchasers will have the possibility of winning the largest prize in Mass. Lottery history – $25 million!

Yes. There will be three $25 million prizes, five $2 million prizes and 15 $1 million prizes.

Lottery officials say they are printing 30.2 million Billion Dollar Extravaganza tickets.

The odds for winning a prize in the new game are said to be 1 in 4.10.

The Billion Dollar Extravaganza gives players the best chance to win $500 and $1,000 prizes. All winning tickets total $100 or more.

The game will also feature 10 second-chance drawings, which allow players to enter non-winning tickets for the chance to win cash prizes that range from $100 to $1,000.

Although it is impossible to predict how sales will go, Scratch Ticket addicts, of which there are thousands and thousands, will be drawn to this new $50 ticket the way Lemmings are drawn into the sea.

We have already spoken with a number of Scratch Ticket aficionados who claim to know that this may likely be the most popular selling ticket ever conceived by the Massachusetts Lottery.

With a printing of 30.2 million, the Lottery is apparently expecting $1.5 billion in sales.

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