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Pleading with the council to act

Editor’s note: The following letter has been sent to all the members of the Everett City Council.

Dear Councilmen:

It was disturbing to see agenda item C053522 Cemetery Commission on the 12/27/22 Agenda for action to establish the Everett Cemetery Commission. Just what the tax payers need, more no show paid jobs for the mayors donors and supporters many from outside Everett. This will negatively impact residents by adding to the $300M bloated budget and padded payroll headcount. How many NO Show Stipend jobs on commissions and boards is enough for the Mayor? for our budget?

Taxpayers have had enough of the wasteful spending from the corner office that you all approve which means you support.

We voted for you to manage the budget and the city, not be a rubber stamp for uncontrolled wasteful spending! Do you have the business acumen to stop the mayor’s lack of fiscal responsibility and financial mismanagement with the CFO, or are you part of the problem?

You should be eliminating these No Show stipend Commission jobs, reducing the inflated city payroll instead of adding to the problem. After the tax bills were released this week, I would hope that you would be more in tune with the backlash and be concerned about your re-election chances by being more of a fiscal watchdog that you were elected to be.

To further cripple the taxpayers with more expenses on top of the unethical $500K mayor’s legal bill, you should all be concerned about your image for re-election. Taxpayers have had enough, my inbox is full of people irate about their tax bills and your spending.

You all need to do your part for the citizens and to stop the unnecessary spending, like cemetery commission, boat house, street pole decorations, new decorative street lights, red street signs, flowers, mismanagement and rework for DPW projects, mayor’s no show commission jobs with stipends and so on. Stop the wasteful spending, Stop the approval for the Cemetery Commission!

Take some action! Abandon the do nothing city council reputation!

Thank you,
John Puopolo
Everett, MA.

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