Thank you EFD

Last week, we learned that a dog fell through the ice in Everett along the river.

The Everett Fire Department responded to the call.

Great efforts were made to save the dog.

The dog regrettably drowned. It could not be saved.

Yet the efforts made by the EFD firefighters to rescue the dog speaks volumes about the sensitivity and care that EFD personnel employ in every aspect of their job.

Rescuing a dog, trying to rescue a dog, is the humane thing to do in a society where life is considered so precious.

For many of us who own dogs, who consider our dogs good friends and companions, who in fact love our dogs, the effort made last week by the EFD was a noble moment in the life and times of the department.

We applaud the firefighters who made the effort to save the dog.

We regret saving the dog from drowning was in the cards.

The effort to save an animal shows the depths of humanity that is alive in our fire department.

Thank you EFD.

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