COVID returns

The Massachusetts Department of Health has recently announced that COVID cases have risen dramatically in number throughout the state.

This comes as no surprise to many of us who had three to four vaccinations and still managed to contract the virus – recently.

Many of us who had COVID recently, have been suffering effects from it for weeks after the viral symptoms have disappeared.

We haven’t needed hospitalization or respirators. We aren’t suffering from temperatures or even sore throats.

The resultant coughs following the passing of the COVID symptoms are over the top for many of us sharing our experiences recently.

This writer has had a hacking, powerful, up from the stomach cough for two weeks already with no end in sight.

We are told that the cough is but a slight inconvenience compared with dying from COVID.

We are also told the vaccinations obviously did not stop the COVID but rather, stopped the COVID from consuming us or sending us to the hospital unable to breath or ultimately to die from it.

The anti-vaccers believe the vaccinations were waste. They also try to make the claims that more people are dying and made sick by the vaccines than those protected from COVID by them.

In this upside down world of ours, we believe the vaccines have been a savior. The United States reported over 1 million deaths from COVID and the deaths have continued.

God knows how people in China have died, or how many more Chinese will die.

We know this, we have come to understand how a virus can take over the world and shut it down.

Our response to COVID was, we believe, the right thing to do.

Did we go overboard? Maybe.

Was it right to bet on a cure with vaccines? Yes it was.

Would we be better off today if we had done nothing?

We don’t believe this for a nano second.

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