Matewsky demands council deal directly with city’s parking issue

Councilor Wayne Matewsky said overdevelopment without parking spaces was about greed and that something has to be done.

By Josh Resnek

Councilor Wayne Matewsky asked his colleagues Monday night to take the bull by the horns and to do something about what he called the city’s out of

Councilor Wayne Matewsky

By and large, automobile space requirements have been eliminated or disregarded in order to accommodate a dramatic amount of new development.

control parking space restrictions on new developments.

“The city council should take a stand,” he told his colleagues in his down to earth style.

“I don’t believe in bicycles solving Everett’s parking problems,” Matewsky added.

He said he found it unbelievable that some property owners trying to convert a single family home into a two family have been denied a permit while some apartment houses recently built have only 36 spaces for more than 80 units.

“We have rules people have to follow. Where does the development stop? Where are all these new residents living in apartments going to put their automobiles? You can’t make this up,” he said over and over.

“Let’s be real here. We have to provide parking.”

He said the rush to develop was all about what he refers to as the big G. Greed.

“I call it the big G,” he added.

He said that in the future, he hoped an 18 unit project would need at least 18 spaces.

“To do any less is mind boggling,” he told the Leader Herald.

He said he wanted to see the results of the 600 being built at that number on Broadway to measure just how bad the effect of having too few spaces will be on the neighborhood.

Matewsky’s motion was referred to the Planning Board and to the Board of Appeals for their points of view before any action is taken.

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