Puopolo derides administration for tax increases, quality of life

EDITOR’S NOTE: John Puopolo’s comments to the city council Monday night were powerful and to the point. He continues to be the administration’s harshest critic. The following is his statement provided to the Leader Herald.

By John Puopolo

I am against the creation for the cemetery commission. We don’t need more campaign donor stipend jobs in this city. The budget does not support handing out more money. It’s wasteful spending tax dollars in return for what appears to be campaign contributions. Eliminate the stipend jobs. Also, I hope each stipend job’s performance is reviewed for attendance and participation, hopefully not attended like the mayors effort on the school committee he forced himself on missing 14 meetings.

When will the administration come to its senses and make cuts to the $300M bloated budget? Your $300M budget and tax increase approval has a negative impact on the quality of life for Everett residents. We repeatedly spoke out about holding the administration accountable for submitting a scaled down budget, but our words fell on deaf ears.

Now we are paying for it dearly with taxes. Because the administration is fiscally irresponsible does not mean that you have to be. You’re supposed to be the check and balance, not the rubber stamp! Hope you all have a much healthier debate for the next budget than you did for this one.

Questions: What significant New business has come to Everett besides the Casino in the last 10 years? Where are taxes head- ing in the next 5 years with the loss of major business and increase in residential units? Where is the plan to change the current trajectory, to control spending, control taxes and attract business vs luxury apartments? The corner office has been asleep at the wheel for far to long. There is No Plan but a few maybe’s, maybe more of the Casino.

Will quality of life in Everett continue its downward spiral with overdevelopment, inadequate parking, excessive traffic, exorbitant property valuations and taxes? What’s the plan? If there is a plan on paper and not on a hip? Let’s see it.

When will the over crowding of the schools be resolved? 6 years and counting! What’s the plan? We already know, There is no plan in the corner office.

What does this mayor do all day? He clearly is NOT busy working in the corner office solving problems or cutting taxes or cutting wasteful spending, Nope he is busy looking for ways to spend more, how about the $10M boat house. Budget goes up significantly, taxes go up significantly – it’s not rocket science.

And what is the status for the misappro- priated $180K longevity?

Residents are not getting a fair shake in Everett, it’s time for serious changes.

Too many people in this hack-a-rama building on Broadway are not engaged,

Recall is clearly needed to get Everett on track!

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