The DiDomenico family feeling proud of their father, husband and gentleman

Senator Sal shown on inauguration day at the State House with his wife, Tricia, his two sons, Sal to the left of his father and Matthew, to the right of his mother. And lest we should forget, there’s the Senate President in the center, Karen Spilka.

By Josh Resnek

Sal’s kids were toddlers when he first got elected to the State Senate.

They are no longer toddlers, but strong, good looking young men with their lives stretching before them like an endless dream.

Matthew is a senior at Everett High School heading to college.

He, like his brother Sal, an Everett High School junior, has spent his entire school experience in the Everett Public Schools.

Matthew doesn’t yet know where he will attend college, but it will be a finer institution as he is an honors student and a member of the National Honor Society, and a bright young man interested in his community, his friends, and his family.

“I think he will tend to gravitate to the law,” his father said of his son Matthew Monday afternoon.

“He’s a great, great kid,” he added with pride and humility.

“He and his brother have flourished in the public schools of Everett. We’re a public school family. My boys have been well served by their teachers, their principals and by the system itself during their journey.”

That is a public school education that began at the Webster School and now finds them both at the high school.

Sal, the younger son who bears his father’s name, is a devoted member of the EHS band and a National Honor Society member as well.

The nice thing talking to Sal about his sons is that he understands they are better looking, taller and likely smarter than their senator father.

“Who would want it any other way?” Sal answered in earnest.

“My boys are my wealth. They are what matters to my wife and I. I know I’m repeating myself, but they are good kids through and through.”

Sal said his boys are Boston sports fans with a particular interest in the Pats, the Celtics and the Red Sox.

“Yes, they both watched the Pat’s go down on Sunday,” Sal remarked.

He said that as a father he is beginning to feel the effect of the time that is now coming, when his boys are out of the house and in college and trying to establish themselves in whatever it is they seek to do.

“I will support Sal and Matthew in the direction they take. I’m very proud of them. They are respectful, intelligent, and well liked among their classmates. I just can’t believe how time flies. I can’t believe they are readying to spread their wings. I’d love to keep them forever,” he added.

It is not amazing at all that Sal and his wife chose to send their kids to public school in Everett. More amazing is that young Sal and Matthew felt comfortable in the EPS, that their experience has been positive and largely untouched by the politics that pervades everything in this city in one way or another.

They have grown up. They have risen, so to speak. They have triumphed. And they’ve done this in Everett!

The best is yet to come for Sal and Matthew DiDomenico.

When all is said and done, they will thank their parents for sending them to public school here.

They are two fine examples of how public school here can shape future successes and leaders.

Those examples are Sal and Matthew DiDomenico.

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