The Patriots

The Buffalo Bills rose to greatness Sunday against the lesser New England Patriots.

The season is done for the Patriots.

It has been done for quite some time.

In fact, we hoped for a big winning season but it was never meant to be.

It is sad to say but true all the way, the music stopped for the Patriots when Tom Brady left the nest.

And so, once again, we go back to our mantra which is – the Pat’s haven’t had a chance at a ring since Brady was allowed to leave or left on his own, however it came to pass.

This is a harsh reality we relive every Sunday in the post Brady era.

The notion this Pat’s team could make it into the finals was, frankly, ridiculous.

What could they have done had they made the finals except lose?

What to do?

It is hard to know exactly what to do.

What we need is another Brady but that isn’t going to happen.

We got two incredible decades from Brady, et al. That was then.

It’s all over now.

Sunday proved this again.

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