The perfect waffle every time

By Josh Resnek

I like waffles.

However, I’m a fuss nut.

I’ve always wanted to make waffles in my own kitchen.

Finally, I am doing this and the results are great every time. How did I accomplish this miracle?

I was given a Christmas gift by my wife – a Farberware Waffle Maker. I think it cost about $30 and was purchased at Walmart.

For me, this was the purchase of the decade.

The Farberware waffle maker cooks perfect waffles every time. Its Teflon coated heat implements on two sides never stick.

Here’s how it goes.

Take about a cup and a half of Pearl, formerly Aunt Jemima waffle mix, add water and cooking oil, mix gently, turn on the waffle maker until the light that comes on indicates it is set for the mix, pour the mix at the center and let it flow to the edges all around, then cap it and wait about three minutes.


You have a perfect waffle!

Incredible really, especially if you love waffles.

Of course, I have to admit that I can only eat the waffle with real maple syrup and a few bits of butter.

This is not exactly a good health item…but it is absolutely delicious.

And if you love waffles…well…what is there to say!

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