Patrick Mahomes

For those of us who watched the championship football

games over the weekend it was yet another sad reminder

for us Patriots fans about our change of fortune.
For almost two decades we watched Tom Brady, et al lead the way to the Super Bowl from year to year and even during back

to back years.
Now we are watching as Brady fades away, literally, becoming

too old to compete with the yungins(sic) taking over the NFL’s key quarterback positions.

Patrick Mahomes performance last Sunday was epic in many ways.

He played to the top of his form with a sprained ankle.

He single handedly won the game for the Chiefs with a dramatic run to the sideline with time running out when he was pounded in a late tackle that turned out to be the difference between winning and losing.

For many of us watching there was the lamentation that we were watching teams other than the Patriots in the final game championship heroics.

I think many of us felt cheated that we were not watching the Patriots.

Anything can happen and it often does, but the likelihood of a Pats Super Bowl run next year doesn’t seem a possibility today.

That’s pretty sad.

Call it the Curse of the Goat.

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