Warmest January in 100 years not much consolation with cold on the way

10 degrees below forecast for Saturday.

By Josh Resnek

If the weathermen and woman are correct, which is always asking a lot if you’re from New England, Saturday will find us below zero, maybe by as much as 10 degrees.

That is a far cry from the mid-forties we’ve been experiencing throughout a tepid December and January that has been largely without snow and or below freezing weather of the worst sort.

The warmer than usual Winter, among the warmest in decades, has not resulted in great savings on our heating bills.

Because the price for home heating oil and gas have soared this year.

The warmer it is, the more we all seemed to be spending on fuel.

It has been a warmer than usual winter. We continue to pay higher heating bills.

Beware of the below zero cold on its way.

It will not only be cold. It will be expensive.

Let’s see what happens.

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