What’s the fuss?

A story in the Boston Herald this week detailing how several Everett police officers made enormous sums of money working special details at the casino has shocked some and caused others to wonder – what’s the big deal?

The officers, at least one of them, made more than $300,000 for one year’s salary, an incredible sum of money for one officer to make by any stretch of the imagination.

The salary included the officers regular city salary and special details.

Some people believe that salary is obscene and maybe even illegal – but it isn’t.

Those officers worked for their money.

They essentially gave up nearly every hour of the day and night of their existence to work as police officers.

In other words, they earned the money.

It wasn’t handed to them for doing nothing.

The right to work day and night to make as much as one can is neither illegal nor immoral.

The yearly $300,000 yearly salary may seem ludicrous to some but these folks earned every penny and have the right to do this.

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