$50 Scratch Ticket Madness

This week marks the introduction into the kingdom of Scratch Tickets the $50 ticket.

It went on sale Tuesday.

It surpasses the $30 Scratch Ticket as the most costly ticket ever sold by the Massachusetts Lottery.

Frankly, a $50 ticket puts a $30 ticket to shame.

We are told it is selling like gang busters.

People can’t stay away from them.

Those addicted to scratching tickets will be buying these $50 tickets as though they are blessed objects of desire.

After all, one can win so much – many, many, many millions by scratching a winning ticket.

What are the chances of this?

Very, very slim.

This won’t stop those who can least afford to buy these tickets to hunger for these tickets and to buy them rather than to pay a bill or to have some money handy for a rainy moment inside their pocket.

It is a hunger for these tickets that will drive those to buy them. After all, the ticket thing is all about addiction.
It is all about feeding the addiction for the dream of the quick money fix that scratch tickets provide.

We are told that no winning ticket will return to the purchaser a payoff of less than $100.

Some of us will buy one of these tickets just once – in the ages old belief that once, is enough.

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