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The Chinese spy balloon

We are in wonder about the Joint Chiefs of Staff discussing for a week the presence of the Chinese spy balloon traveling across the nation about 40,000 feet above the ground.

How could it have taken a week for that spy balloon – no matter what it was – to be obliterated by the US Air Force?

What could these genius military leaders have been thinking?

What would any battlefield general have done about such an intrusion into our air space by what was essentially a Trojan Horse?

That balloon should have been shot out of the sky when it was over Montana.

What a pile of bull the generals were worried Americans could be hurt by the falling debris.

Do they not understand the nature of sovereignty?

Do they not understand what the Chinese would have done if the tables were turned and it was an American balloon the size of three 18 wheel trucks!

Our generals were asleep at the wheel this time around.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

We didn’t care enough about our own air space to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon!

Please explain to us what that was all about!

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