On behalf of the Everett School Committee, the school administration, its teachers and all of the staff, I wish to thank the victim of this tragic case for having the courage to report this matter to the Committee, the witnesses and to law enforcement in Everett.

We hope that the Committee’s own efforts to investigate the allegations by appointing outside counsel, our diligent response to the allegations from the outset of this matter in 2018, and our own prompt resolution of these matters with the victim showed that Everett and its School Department took these matters extremely seriously and has no tolerance for any form of assault, sexual harassment, or any form of bullying or discrimination at the hands of anyone no matter who you are and what title you hold.

The Committee, the school administration and its staff proudly protected the victim’s rights and the rights of witnesses who cooperated with us and we are committed to continuing to do so.

The Everett Schools are a very different place today than they were in 2018 and the Committee believes our new and diverse school environment is a place that reflects the values of this community and that the residents, students, parents, and community can and should feel safe, supported and be proud of regardless of who you are or where you came from.

I wish to express our thanks to the prosecutors, witnesses, the court and most importantly the jury for finally resolving this matter once and for all for all of us in Everett.

Michael Mangan,
Chair Everett School Committee
February 9, 2023

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