We told you so

In last week’s Leader Herald we predicted that the Kanas City Chiefs, powered by the heroic of Patrick Mahomes, would defeat the heavily favored Philadelphia Eagles.

Our prediction, unbelievably enough, was right on the mark.

This, despite this editorial writer being among the worst sports betting handicappers in the nation.

To those of you who read last week’s prediction about Kansas City winning, we offer up our condolences. Perhaps you should have paid closer attention to our prediction.

Then again, those of you who lost betting on the Eagles cannot feel an ounce of satisfaction with the outcome of the game.

Mahomes proved himself the better quarterback, and the Chiefs, the better team.

The money bet, the sure thing was to pick the Eagles as on paper, they could not be beaten by the Chiefs.

When push came to shove, it was the Chiefs who struggled and who triumphed over the Eagles, who struggled and lost.

Sunday’s big winners were Encore, Wynn Corporation and several dozen sports betting operations who raked in untold millions from betters choosing the Eagles over the Chiefs.

This was a great Super Bowl game – still not so great without Tom Brady there to lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl win.

How are we able to care about a Chiefs Super Bowl win?

We aren’t.

We still suffer from the GOAT is gone syndrome – and will do so for many years to come.

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