Grant heading for Everett to protect low-income tenants

Special to the Leader Herald

Everett has received $25,000 in federal resources to help protect residents of low-income communities from environmental hazards.

Everett Community Growers was among three other groups awarded a combined $100,000 by the State Department of Public Health to be split up equally in $25,000 amounts.

Pilot initiatives that promote health equity by reducing harmful levels of exposure to environmental hazards are being aided with these grants.

Everett Community Growers is beginning with six community workshops to explain to residents how to promote development that is climate resilient without displacing people.

Everett Community Growers is a food justice organization.

It’s mission is to improve health and racial equity. Through urban agriculture, and workforce development for youths, while promoting equitable policy change.

The group’s workshops were part of the ongoing Health Neighborhoods study, in which non-profits in nine fast growing communities are seeking resident solutions to ensuring future development promotes healthy neighborhoods.

“It was amazing to see the build up of trust and excitement among the participants over the course of six workshops, said Nicole Fina, civic engagement and advocacy manager for ECG.

“In the first workshop people came wanting to learn. By the end they wanted to act.”

The new grant will enable ECG to provide added resources for the workshop participants and other residents to research possible solutions to health related issues – including pollution impacts such as asthma – and housing concerns.

“We want to continue to inform the community and build that group of residents, involve more people and explore more collaborations,” said Pina.

Neighboring Chelsea also received a grant of $25,000.

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