Smith sounds like a leader on the rise but will she take the mayoral plunge?

By Joshua Resnek

Councilor at Large Stephanie Smith has grown quite a bit since her election to the Everett City Council a little more than a year ago.

Her public persona on the council – that is – the way she comes across to the public – is that of a poised, articulate, educated, well to do daughter of Everett – the happily married mother of young children growing up here, the veritable prototype of a potential mayoral candidate at this time.

This is not lost on her colleagues, none of whom are as well situated to take a deeper plunge into Everett city mayoral politics.

Smith says no to all speculative assumptions about her future.

She says she’s happy being a councilor – but let’s face it – that type of thinking never lasts very long with ambitious people in Everett. Above all, Smith is an ambitious woman.

Her ambition can be felt whenever she speaks on a matter that is of some concern to her sensibility.

She claims not to be running for mayor.

However everything about her, her preparation before meetings, her knowledge about what she chooses to speak about, and her unwillingness to take no for an answer if she has set her mind to a legislative task, is guiding many who watch city hall to expect a mayoral run from her.

Smith as a mayoral candidate would be a very attractive candidate.

She is a strong woman not to be ignored, or tampered or trifled with by her opponents, whomever they might be.

She is not afraid of speaking her mind. She is an independent thinker who asserts herself with insight and sentiments she is unafraid to express.

She knows how to go forward in a political debate and when to retreat.

Her entire public manner is that of a young Everett woman reaching for the stars and heading inevitably to the corner office at city hall.

Add to this that she is a policy and numbers wonk, watching the budget, understanding it, wishing for changes in how the city spends some of its money.

During the recent Pope John debate, she was in favor of using the former high school facility to reduce overcrowding in the public schools.

She didn’t go head on with the mayor on this issue but came as close as she could without leaving her safety zone.

Smith knows her place. She is in control of herself.

In fact, she seemed to lead the Pope John charge among her colleagues on the council and for supporters throughout the city.

When that initiative failed she simply said the council had no real antidote but to accept the mayor’s decision, which she did.

Smith’s stature as a successful businesswoman working for a multinational corporation is not expected to deter her when she makes up her mind about how far and how high she wants to go on the Everett political ladder.

Right now she says she’s happy just being a councilor.

The wonder about such statements intended to be honest speak to the real truth of what she is thinking about her future.

What will her next move be and will it be a big step toward seeking the mayoralty of this city?

Only time will tell.

This is known – she would be a formidable candidate with substantial backing.

Let’s see what happens with Councilor Stephanie Smith.

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