Efforts to drop mayor as voting school committee member go nowhere

By Josh Resnek

Two motions to strip the mayor of his voting presence on the Everett School Committee placed on the agenda Monday night by Council President Mike Marchese went nowhere.

A vote on a suggestion to participate in a Charter change ballot question failed by a 6-3 vote.

Another Marchese motion to strip the mayor of his place on the school committee also failed – not by a vote on the measure.

The motion was returned to its maker where it will die a slow death.

The mayor expressed surprise that these motions were on the agenda.

“In 42 cities and towns 90% of mayors are on the school committee and are the chairperson. This should have been done a long time ago…I don’t believe anyone should have control over school committee members. The mayor as a voting member is for the future of the city. The mayor should be a voting member of the school committee,”the mayor said.

There was some discussion by Councilor Darren Costa about the mayor’s attendance record on the school committee.

“My record is impeccable,” the mayor responded to Costa.

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