Innocent or guilty?

If you’ve been following this high profile trial, then you probably have an opinion whether or not Alex Murdaugh is innocent or guilty of killing his wife and son as his world was coming apart a year ago.

Alex Murdaugh

He was South Carolina’s most successful lawyer who came from a prestigious family of basically untouchable, privileged, white South Carolina folk.

After it was revealed Murdaugh had been stealing millions from his law firm and his clients for years, his wife and son showed up dead at a kennel they own on their sprawling property.

Then Murdagh allegedly hired a man to kill him so his surviving son could inherit the insurance policy had on his life.

He survived the botched suicide.

The state says Murdaugh killed his wife and son to save his own skin, to deflect from his own life falling apart and to bring pity to him.

He says he has lied. But he denies killing his wife and son.

At the time of the slayings, Murdaugh was taking something like 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams of oxycodone a day by his own admission.

Will he get convicted?

These are the key questions jurors will have to deal with when the case goes to them sometime this week.

Whether or not he’s convicted or found innocent of the murders he’s charged with, Murdaugh’s charmed Southern privileged life is ruined.

The more he squirmed and spoke on the stand last week the more people believed he is guilty as sin.

In the end, he gave long winded answers explaining away questions posed to him by the chief prosecutor.

Were those long winded answers able to convince the jury panel that he is innocent of murder but guilty of everything else?

That remains to be seen.

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