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What’s the attraction?

By Stephen Pinto

What is there in Everett that would attract people to visit or stay long term, to live here and to call this place their home?

Other than the boundaries of the casino, which attracts mostly those who wish to gamble, I don’t believe there is much more. I believe even that’s getting a little stale as well.

No new upcoming businesses or sights exist in the city to draw people here to partake of Everett’s culture.

Taxes are skyrocketing.

The streets can be dangerous.

Our main avenues and streets are mostly gridlocked with traffic.

Parking is almost non-existent.

Trying to raise a family and educate them in a ravaged, politically manipulated school system can be challenging.

Education is not a priority with our politicians.

The overcrowding issue for mostly Blacks, Browns and Hispanics, who make up the majority of the school population, is allowed to exist and to grow.

Everett was once a warm, safe and friendly town.

Over generations, our politicians changed that.

Greed and corruption have turned Everett from Bedford Falls into Pottersville.

If your interests run along the lines of racism, political corruption, greed and sexual harassers and predators, then you might find Everett a very comfortable place to visit.

We are living in an era where right is wrong and wrong is right.

Everything appears to have been turned upside down.

Can we change this before it consumes everything?

We can if we change our politicians.

Time is of the essence.

Vote them out. Break the reign of corruption. Put them on the unemployment line.

Show them the power lies with the people.

This is our city, the peoples’ city, not the politician’s city.


Stephen Pinto comments on everything Everett. He is a longtime resident.

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