From old to new on Chelsea Street – Part 2


81 Chelsea Street

By Josh Resnek

In last week’s Leader Herald, we featured an old Chelsea Street home that was recently sold and turned into a new brick faced home that highlighted the changing nature of the city and how an older home could be transformed into a modern brick building.

Little did we know that the older home at 81 Chelsea Street was a living piece of Everett history.

The former and last owner contacted us.

We are pleased to show the older home and its newest modern look after being rehabbed.

And we are especially pleased to print the following epitaph to that sturdy old wooden home that stood for so long before being made unrecognizable.

This is the house at 81 Chelsea Street (above). It was purchased at the turn of the century by the Rosetti family of Italy. Eight generations came from that house. My family has lived there for 104 years.

My grandmother, Edith DiLoreto (ńee Rossetti)was born in that house in 1918. She and her husband, Sargeant Waldimir DiLoreto of the EPD purchased the home and raised their three kids. Many of our descendants went on to serve the city of Everett as teachers, EPD police, civil servants, and so on.

The people of Everett enjoyed the home as well. They picked lilacs from our bush in the front yard and many people stopped to pray to the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the very front of the yard. In 2014, the huge pine tree ways cut and donated to the city as for the tree lighting ceremony in Everett Square.


My mother Christine Reeves (ńee DiLoreto) was the final owner of the property and her great-grandson was the final generation to live there. He holds the last of well over 100 years of family history. We sold the house in November of 2021 to an investment group of lawyers from Boston, and watched our home full of love, sprit, laughs, and over a century of memories be torn down slowly.

Tina Reeves-Garniss
Formerly and proudly of Everett

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