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City ambulance service revving up for July 1 start date, quicker response time

By Josh Resnek

The training of 20 firefighter/EMT’s is nearly complete and the city ambulance has been fitted out July 1 will mark the starting date of the city’s new ambulance service, according to Everett Fire Chief Scott Dalrymple.

The new service will be busy from day one according to the chief.

He detailed first year expenses of approximately $400,000 a year for the firefighter/EMT’s and $100,000 of supplies.

He said 8 firefighters will staff the new ambulance on a daily or weekly rotation.

Cataldo Ambulance will still be largely relied upon to fill the gap with ambulance responses as a single ambulance staffed by firefighter/EMTS cannot possibly meet all the demands now present in the city for such emergency services.

He revealed that Medicare paid for calls to the new city ambulance will cost $1,000 while non-Medicare private health insurers will pay $1,800 for an ambulance run to the hospital.

It is likely the single city ambulance might generate $1.8 million in revenues in a given year.

The mayor has committed to keeping those funds that are generated in the fire department budget to aid in financing another ambulance and expansion of service.

“We expect our ambulance to be quicker on calls than anyone else,” the chief said.

“We could be 30 seconds to a minute quicker…and that’s enough to save a life,” he add- ed.

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