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My new favorite awesome treat

(Photo by Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Raw fish isn’t for everyone – so if you can’t stomach the notion of raw fish as a delicacy, well, please don’t read this piece.

Since sushi went main stream about 25 years ago, I have enjoyed it.

You can eat a ton of it and never put on weight, get sick, or feel stuffed.

Many claim sushi is healthy for you as raw fish is rich in nutrients and everything good for the human body.

The above photograph is salmon sushi.

It is a combination of vinegared rice and thinly sliced raw salmon.

The beauty of the salmon shown above are the fat lines shown in the body of the slices. That is a sign of tenderness and great taste.

For those of you who haven’t tried such a treat, you can find this at Market Basket for about $13 bucks.

It is served fresh every day.

The photo above is from Whole Foods.

The trick is to buy this container of sushi while the rice is still warm and the sushi is at room temperature. The container comes with soy sauce – a necessity for this treat to delight, and wasabi – a green horseradish type hot supplement to make the soy sauce sing.

When you mix the wasabi with the soy sauce, and then toss into it a thin slice of ginger and then dip the sushi into it, and then bring it up to your mouth and bite into it – well – that is an incredible rush!

The salmon is tender and almost sweet, a testament to the fish of the sea it comes from.

I sometimes eat this for breakfast, if you can imagine such a thing.

Whenever I eat raw salmon sushi it suits me perfectly. It is just the right amount of food to put into your system in one seating and when you are finished, you are ready to do it again and again.

Sushi habits can be expensive but then, what isn’t?

Sushi rocks!

If you’re looking for something slightly more substantial, then you buy a container with sushi and with raw salmon slices and with rolled up treats with small bits of salmon shown above.

Some people like their sushi without rice, called sashimi.

I have eaten salmon, tuna, and yellow fin sushimi.

All of it is special, a delicacy and a delight. Try it out.

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