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A stadium for Everett?

Whether or not a stadium is built by the Kraft Family to house the Revolution soccer team which they own is a question remaining to be officially answered.

As we note in our news article in this edition, there are some restrictions on the use of the land in addition to substantial pollution and removal costs for the buildings and chimneys.

However, if the restrictions are overcome in the Legislature – and our bet is that the Legislature will do the right thing – then Everett is on the cusp of welcoming a major league soccer team to be housed in a major league, state of the art soccer stadium to likely be built by the Kraft Family.

Will this be good for Everett?

You bet it will be good for Everett.

From a tax standpoint alone such a soccer stadium will contribute untold millions yearly to the city treasury in property taxes.

Such a facility welcoming 20,000 to 30,000 people to games will cause the need for hundreds of employees, and suppliers, and every form of business consistent with the operation of a major stadium.

By itself, the jobs are an incredible bonus.

Then there is the reputational aspect of the soccer stadium housing the Revolution.

This stadium would become one of the best know sporting venues in New England.

What’s more foreign soccer teams coming to America will play in such a stadium and make it know all over the soccer world – which is the entire globe.

The removal of the century old brick monster buildings housing five story high generators and the colossal chimneys and everything all around it down to the ocean’s shore will be one of the great days in this city’s history when it arrives.

Putting back to decent use 45 acres of land that has been imprisoned by filthy commercial use and pollution ten feet deep is the kind of turnaround other cities throughout the nation can only dream about.

There are several negatives that accompany a soccer stadium seating 20,000 to 30,000 spectators.

Most of them will drive here and park their automobiles here and will cause traffic jams quite like never before seen in this city on Lower Broadway.

But this inconvenience will not outweigh the benefits of a grand stadium and everything that comes with it.

Then again, who really cares about occasional traffic jams on Lower Broadway when you come right down to it?

Bottom line, such a sporting venue on Lower Broadway will be of great benefit to this city financially as well as for the city’s reputation.

Wynn Resorts knows exactly what it is doing buying this land.

The Kraft Family understands how to build grand sporting stadiums – Foxboro chief among them.

The marriage between Wynn Resorts, the Kraft Family and Everett is something to wish for and when it happens, to cheer about.

We believe this day is just around the corner – the sooner the better.

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