Club at Everett casino fined by Mass Gaming Commission $20,000

By MGC to the Leader Herald

The Investigations and Enforcement Bureau (IEB) of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has assessed and Big Night Venues Boston Harbor (Memoire) has agreed to a $20,000 civil administrative penalty as a result of two incidents of
noncompliance with alcohol service requirements at Memoire. The incidents took place in August and September 2022 at the nightclub, which is located at Encore Boston Harbor.

Memoire will also continue to implement remedial steps to prevent future instances of of noncompliance.

Memoire has cooperated with IEB and has been working to comply with required corrective actions, which were the result of earlier incidents of noncompliance with the alcohol service regulations. The IEB acknowledges that Memoire staff utilized some of the corrective actions in the assessment of these two instances and that Memoire took appropriate disciplinary action against a staff member involved in one of the noncompliance incidents.

“The IEB appreciates Memoire’s responsiveness, and the improvements in its alcohol service practices since the incidents in August and September. The IEB will continue to monitor Memoire’s adherence to the gaming laws and regulations and the agreed-upon corrective actions set forth in 2022. It is the IEB’s expectation that Memoire will continue to cooperate with the IEB on this important matter,” said Senior Enforcement Counsel Kathleen Kramer.

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