Cyrus the life saver honored for her split-second decision making

By Leader Herald Staff

Everett city government honors firefighter Tori Cyrus.

When you talk about Everett first responders performing miracles, the name Tori Cyrus comes to mind in a big way.

During a restaurant outing last year, Everett firefighter Tori Cyrus was enjoying a meal when a patron of the restaurant nearby suffered a heart attack and stopped breathing.

Cyrus, who was off-duty at the time, reacted instantly.

She began life saving resuscitation efforts on a patron of the restaurant who at that moment was in the throes of a heart attack.

The victim’s heart had stopped beating.

This was a huge moment in a first responder’s life, when adrenalin mixed with training resulted in a life being saved.

Saving a life is big medicine. It really doesn’t get much better or sweeter than this for a first responder.

Her efforts did just that.

In that local restaurant, on the floor, Cyrus began a heroic resuscitation effort.

With precision and skill, she began a regimen of chest compressions on the person suffering the heart attack.

As a result, that person was, miraculously, brought back to life.

Last week at the city council meeting, Cyrus and the person whose life she saved were present at Everett City Hall where she received a citation from the city government noting her in the line of duty quick thinking and heroism.

With brief remarks, she captured the crowd’s attention and showed how duty above all is part of this young woman’s credo.

“I take a lot of pride in being an Everett firefighter,” she told the crowd.

“My grandfather always said, “Always expect the unexpected, and regardless of where you are, it’s our duty to act,” she said.

“That night, I was glad I was there. I was glad my friends were there. It was great to help out and be an active member of my community, so thank you, everybody, for coming.”

She received a heart round of applause from a large city hall crowd.

Cyrus is an EHS graduate where she excelled in sports.

The one person happier than Cyrus in the city council chamber Monday night was the heart attack victim whose life she saved – who attended the ceremony and added a dose of heartfelt gratefulness.

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