Good luck to Robert DiLoreto

The resignation of the coach and his assistants for the Crimson Tide football team is unsettling, and largely out of the realm of nominal football politics in this city.

In other words, football here has held a very privileged, even honored place in the life and times of the city of Everett. So resignations connected with Crimson Tide football have been far and few between.

This we know.

Coach DiLoreto did a great job with his players.

He stood as a powerful, positive example to all the young men attempting to master the sport of football.

He maintained the Crimson Tide espirit de corps that caused so many games to be won and more than several championships.

We wish Coach DiLoreto the best in his future endeavors.

He will be a hard guy to replace.

The Crimson Tide will roll on, as it always has, as it always will.

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