Another mass murder

Five people died because a bank employee about to be laid off came into the bank he was working at in Kentucky and blew away a number of people with his automatic rifle/AR-15.

Once again, a weapon of war caused a slaughter, although gun rights activists will tell us the gun didn’t do the slaughter. The man using the gun did it.

Again, it seems rather hopeless to call for gun control or to ban AR-15’s in the hope that doing that will act as a ban on mass murders.

Yet something must be done to stop the sickening wave of slaughters being perpetrated all over this nation by lunatics with AR-15’s.

Who needs such weapons?

Did the US Constitution provide for owning such weapons of lethality and mass slaughter?

No it didn’t.

Gun ownership has a sacred place here.

But that place is being badly muddied by the seemingly growing wave of mass murders.

Something must be done.

No one seems to know the way.

As it is written in Ecclesiastes, “not even a wise man knows the way.”

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