Everett’s Omar Easy replaced as superintendent in Wayland

By Josh Resnek

Legendary Everett football star and former NFL player Omar Easy, previously a high ranking public school official here before leaving the city for another opportunity, has been replaced as Wayland’s superintendent of schools.

The Wayland School Committee voted Friday to hire former Newton superintendent of schools David Fleishman to lead the Wayland school system, finalizing the board’s decision to replace Easy.

Easy was placed on leave in February amid mysterious and controversial circumstances — and without public explanation, the Boston Globe reported.

The School Committee will continue to pay Easy, who has alleged he was a victim of racism, to stay on administrative leave until his contract expires.

The current acting Wayland Superintendent Parry Graham, previously Easy’s assistant superintendent, will leave the district in July to become Lincoln’s superintendent, according to the Boston Globe.

Last month, Easy filed a complaint with the state arguing he was discriminated against based on his race and that he was a victim of “micro-aggressions” and prejudice after being placed on paid administrative leave by the Wayland School Committee.

At a recent meeting, the Wayland School Committee discussed how the community could afford to pay for Easy’s contract at $210,000 a year and Fleishman’s at the same salary.

Concern was expressed that Fleishman, formerly the superintendent of schools in Newton cared more about teachers than students.

The Wayland School Committee set those concerns aside.

The town’s schools need leadership more than anything else, the school committee decided.

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